Enchantrix Weekly Issue #217



By popular demand, LDW’s ultimate masturbation challenge is back. Do you have what it takes to stroke, pump, and fondle your cock for a team of Mistresses – for an entire hour?

Visit The Daily Cock for full details on the 2024 Stroke-A-Thon, including how you can secure your entry and win up to 60 minutes of FREE PHONE SEX



Spend your steamy mornings with us! Wake and Wank continues between the hours of 3am and 9am Eastern. Purchase a 10-minute call for just $20.00. If you need more than just a quickie, that’s okay – receive $9.90 off a longer call.

This offer applies to dispatched calls only, and there is a limit of one Wake and Wank call per Mistress. Not to be combined with other offers.



July Mistress Of The Month


The members of Enchantrix Empire, Our FREE adult social network, have chosen the devilishly sweet Mistress Fiona as Mistress of the Month for July. Enjoy 5 minutes free on all paid sessions with Ms. Fiona of 10 minutes or more. 



Double Perks Points


It’s not too late to sign up for our FREE rewards program, Enchantrix Perks. Receive points with every dollar you spend in our stores or on a session, which can be redeemed for free phone sex! Earn free phone sex twice as fast when you sign up before calling on 7/21/24.



Mistress Promos



Come celebrate Ms. Stephanie’s phonesex anniversary here at LDW with some free phonesex minutes. This offer is good on sexy texting and Skype sessions also! You don’t have to do anything to claim your free minutes unless you plan on setting a time limit on your call- then you must tell the dispatcher. In addition, Ms. Stephanie has given you a 10% discount on her erotic audio for the entire month of July. Go check out Ms. Stephanie’s blog, KinkyPhonesexCalls for all the details!



Hey there Stroker, are you ready to train? You know you have a long way to go if you want to win the Stroke-A-Thon, right champ? I just want you to be the very best stroker you can be, and I am willing to put a few minutes up to help you reach MY goal. You don’t want to be embarrassed during the Stroke-A-Thon, do you? So feel free to practice your stroking, edging and gooning with me! Valid through 9/7/24. Check out the full details at www.intelligentphonesexcalls.com.



 A Birthday wouldn’t be a Birthday without at least one special treat!

And Goddess Mandy would LOVE to be that treat for YOU! 

So, during your birthday month, I will gift you 10 Free Minutes with a minimum 21-minute call or Skype session with me! Please send me an email or note on Skype with your birthday info and any questions that you may have! 

Happy Birthday from your Goddess!!! 🙂 



Assignment and Audio Specials



Marriage Counselor Ms Becky takes on a new sexy client with a total loser of a husband. See Ms Becky set the perfect trap for the loser as she coaxes the sexy wife to take charge, as all women should. Includes queening, F/F/m, CBT, spanking and more! The Stand In is now available for purchase. Enjoy!




Ms Harper’s got a hot new erotic audio in the store for you! Check out Cock Sucking Instructions and learn how to be the best cocksucker ever. Details are available on her blog here.



Podcast and Radio Show News



Join your Hostesses, Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika


The Weekly Hot Spot #EroticPodcast is out now!


DBDSM Pain Play And How Not To Leave Marks

What do you do if you love pain, impact play, discipline, CBT, and/or bondage but you can’t have marks on your body?

How do you hide the marks when you love being on the receiving end of the S/m dynamic?

That’s the topic today and it’s the result of a listener question to the previous episodes about many aspects of pain play.




We are going to get absolutely filthy next week on KINKology, where we will be exploring Butt Stuff! It should be a fun episode exploring the dark hallowed hallways of this juicy topic, yes? Expect to see a bit of Freud, some patriarchy smashing and a wee bit of homoeroticism. In the meantime, check out my website www.intelligentphonesexcalls.com for my upcoming specials for July and some very exciting news! I’ve also learned some new twitter tricks and will be playing with my friends, so go ahead and give me a follow @msbeckyenchants to join in all the mistress games, ok? 
XOXO- Ms Becky 




Enchantrix Weekly Issue #217