Enchantrix Weekly Issue #203


When you purchase a 30-minute call or longer in March, your name is entered into a drawing for a chance at one of the ten 30-minute free sessions we will be giving away. The Drawing takes place on
April  1st and the winners will be notified shortly thereafter.



LDW’s Wake and Wank offer is here to stay! Look forward to calling every morning between the hours of 3 am and 9 am Eastern, and purchase a 10-minute call for just $20.00! If you need more than just a quickie, that’s okay – receive $9.90 off a longer call. This offer applies to dispatched calls only, and there is a limit of one Wake and Wank call per Mistress. Not to be combined with other offers.





Join us on March 21st at 8 pm Eastern in our adult kink chatroom for an hour of Kinky Trivia! There will be many of our sexy Mistresses in chat for this fun event and of course, there are some great prizes for the winners.

1st place will get a 60-minute free call 2nd place will get a 30-minute free call and 3rd place will get a 20-minute free call.





March Mistress Of The Month



Help Mistress Erika Celebrate being voted our Enchantrix Mistress of The Month for March.

You will get five free minutes added to any paid call of 10 minutes or longer

check out how she plans to celebrate right here




Mistress Promos



Well, aren’t YOU lucky! Goddess Mandy and Mistress Scarlet are teaming up again to celebrate their LDW Anniversary for the entire month of March! They’ve been here together since starting here at LDW; isn’t that amazing?

To receive your 5 FREE Minutes with both ladies; you must schedule a 30-minute live phone, chat, or Skype session in March. Visit either of their blogs to find out how easy it is to schedule – what kind of session we could have as a threesome – and more ideas for our three-way! Double Your Pleasure!

Click their names above to see the sexy details.








Ms Becky is soooo draining, and she wants to milk you of every last drop all March long. Check out the offer details HERE




 A Birthday wouldn’t be a Birthday without at least one special treat!

And Goddess Mandy would LOVE to be that treat for YOU! 

So…during the month of your birthday, I will gift you 10 Free Minutes with a minimum 21 Minute call or Skype session with me! Please send me an email or note on Skype with your birthday info and any questions that you may have! 

Happy Birthday from your Goddess!!! 🙂 




Assignment and Audio Specials




Sissy girls, this one’s for you! Be sure to swing by erotic audios and pick up the three part bundled eortic audio and see what Ms Becky has in store for the sissy on the downlow. PART 1 features Ms Becky sniffing out a sissy girl and coercing her obedience, and then showing her what happens to deceitful sissy girls. PART 2 features Ms Becky putting this sissy girl on her knees, and getting her ready for the fashion show. Finally, in PART 3 we see what happens to sissy girls who disappoint Ms Becky and her friends. Buy the discounted bundle now! If you have questions or concerns, reach out to Ms Becky at becky@enchantrixempire. 




Are you a cocksucker? Whether in fantasy or reality, Goddess Rachel’s new audio for sale in Our store might just tickle you in all the right places! Especially if you like a touch of humiliation here and a sprinkle of cuckolding there! Goddess Rachel is so excited to share it, She’s offering it at an introductory price through March! Check out Neighborhood Cocksucker now!




Feed your fetish for bullying and humiliation with Miss Brighton‘s Office Bully audio. Check out The Office Bully Humiliation Fantasy Here if you enjoy a mix of gooning, cum eating, some light cbt, and degradation, this audio is perfect for your kinks.




Podcast and Radio Show News



Join your sexy host, Ms Becky, this Friday on KINKology: The Psychology of Kink as she delves into the world of Neurodivergence and Kink. Ms Becky will be revealing intimate details regarding her supervillain origin story, as well as exploring how and why we may see a lot of neurodivergent people show up in our kink communities. Swing by intelligentphonesexcalls.com to read her blogs.

You can see her current specials and more here!





Join your hostesses, Ms. Olivia and Ms. Erika

Wigs and wig care for crossdressers, sissies, and transwomen
Choosing the right wig is complicated.
These Mistresses believe that feminization is all about the total package, and, for most people, that means finding the perfect hair for the look you want for your transformation.



Enchantrix Weekly Issue #203